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Lloyds Banking Group role towards Dementia and Alzheimer’s awareness

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are the mental illnesses that most of the people don’t know about even though there is an increased risk in the today’s population. Both of these are the diseases of old age but in few of the people there have been seen the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is the disease in which the brain cells start to degenerate and that results in dementia which is known as the memory loss. People in the old age are dependent upon the memories of their young life and when they lose the only thing they have they don’t handle it well. In most of the cases, it has seen when people start to forget about the basic things they tend to become more suicidal because they kind of loses the only hope in life. And the thing that is worse than all is that there is no way that if you are at the risk of this disease you can prevent it from happening because if it is supposed to happen it will. So for people suffering from Alzheimer’s more researchers are being carried out and the patients are taken care of in social facilities where the 24/7 care is provided to them.

Role of Lloyds Banking Group in Alzheimer’s awareness

The name of Lloyds Banking Group is always linked when there is some awareness program going on about any type of the mental illness because this banking group is taking the active part in all such programs and helping as many people as they can so people can realize the early stage of their illness and can reach out for the help before it is too late. They are partners with the different charitable institutions that are working solely for the mental illness awareness and the treatment and Mental Health UK and the Alzheimer’s society are the examples of such institutions. The credit of this group’s active participation is due to their CEO, António Horta who himself have dealt with the mental illness at some stage in his life. António Horta once had dealt with the anxiety and severe insomnia but at last, he was able to fight that illness and overcome all the obstacles.

How are they helping people with dementia?

Under the successful guidance of the António Horta, the banking group had stated the money management plan with people with dementia and their caretakers about how they can manage their money problems. They hold many sessions to train people how to tackle the money problems and how they can manage things in life. They are also cooperating with the organization Live Well to help people manage their life who suffers from dementia and this is how people can learn a bit of the tactic to love properly even with dementia.

So this is how the Lloyds Banking Group is not only the greatest banking group but is also having the positive impact on the society in some other ways.