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Ways You Can Own Value in Your Business

Understand what you bring to the table

Each business-person has something a little different that they offer to the world than anyone else. Each person has a different message and a different gift that they are giving to the world. If you don’t know what value you have, assume you have it and start digging around for it. Sometimes asking supportive people around you what they think you bring and offer can give great insight into your true value. Coaches can also help you to start seeing what gifts you have.

Apply structure and success principles while at the same time being you

Sometimes small business owners and entrepreneurs care so much about their business and want desperately for it to grow, that they think they need to copy somebody else’s path to success.

Now, learning the structure and principles of success is critical, but the other part of the formula that is not talked about as much is that once you know the structure, you get to show up and play in business using your unique style and gifts, and not other people’s. Both the structural and authentic parts needs to be addressed-it’s like writing a novel. The author needs to follow the structures of: plot, setting, character, point of view and theme, and once the writer establishes this structure, there are a billion ways they can play. The structure and principles don’t limit your ability to show up in your business; they actually give you the freedom and foundation to bring all your genius to the table.

Make sure your branding, marketing, and advertising communicates your unique value

What happens with many business owners and entrepreneurs is that they do a lot of work on themselves and their company, but sometimes amid all the hustle and bustle, they forget to check if their current brand, that they are advertising to the world, and their current marketing, reflect all the changes that they have made. It is not uncommon to check the text on your website and be shocked by the messages you find there.

To truly own your value in the current marketplace, it is important to understand what you bring to the table. Strive to consistently “be you” as you implement those success tools into your business. And don’t forget to update your current marketing and branding to be reflective of who you now are in the marketplace.